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Sunday, Mar 01, 2020

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Master of the Journey

Life is a journey. We need to know the destination to get this journey right and wonderful. The journey of Israelites as slaves in Egypt till they reached the promised Canaan is considered as Exodus. It is believed that about six million people were part of the journey, but just two people reached the destination. This is extremely sad. God chose Moses to lead the Israelites and God guided him in every step of the journey. In the book of Deuteronomy, God gave all the commandments that needed to be followed by the people. So, only those people who obeyed God until the end entered the Promised Land. Those who disobeyed Him perished in the wilderness.

Similarly, we will attain eternal life if we follow God and obey Him until the end. The people of Israel certainly wanted to leave Egypt. When they left Egypt, they came out only physically and their hearts were still in Egypt. It seems like they walked backward towards Canaan with their eyes on Egypt. The reason for this was they always grumbled and murmured against God. Therefore, it took them 40 years to reach Canaan when they could have reached in only 40 days. God gave them everything they asked. He gave them manna and meat to eat and led them with a pillar of fire and pillar of cloud. Their dresses were ever new and their footwear did not wear out. Nevertheless, their hearts and minds were focused on Egypt. In our spiritual lives, we must keep our eyes on God, obey Him, and trust Him with our body, mind and soul. Only then we will reach our eternal Canaan, Heaven. Moses, who led six million people, did not get to enter Canaan. Likewise, all those who lead others should be very careful in holding on to the truth until the end.

Let us lead our lives, knowing the purpose for which He has called us. Let us get rid of disobedience, murmurings and undesirable things. This month let us do things that are pleasing in the sight of the Lord. Let your journey be pleasant and let the master of the journey, Lord Jesus Christ, lead you until the end. Amen.

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