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Friday, Jan 01, 2021

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            The word Torah indicates the first five books in the old testament.From the beginning of the
creation, our Lords plan for man extends from family then society, and then regulations,
festivals and offerings to all mankind.


            After the fall of man, our Lord’s plan for redemption is the victors prize. ‘Mitzvot’ comprised of 613 reputational directions on personal life, family life and social regulations is its specialty. Lord gave all these to Moses Orally and written format through the 10 commandments.


Before we see more about Torah, let’s see about “Tanakh”, which tells the whole alignment of old testament. Here the first two letters


‘Ta’ indicates Torah ( 1 to 5 books in the Bible), then

‘Na’ indicates the Nevi’im (i.e)prophetic books and the last two letters

‘KH’ indicates kethuvm (i.e) songs.


Torah ( 1 to 5 books in the Bible),


Nevi’im has 8 books together.Totally it has 21 books (Joshua, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and other small prophetic books).


Kethuvm means set of 11 books but it includes 13 books. Nevi’im (prophetic books) preachedTorah.

It tells about all those who obeyed the first
five books and those stood against, their life, their fall and their blissfulness, strength and
justice and punishments. We can say that Kethuvm used Torah. It means, from the first five books, tells us who the Lord is, His sovereigty , Deiety in personal life, family and historical events can be known. What is the basic truth that we need to understand in Torah is the foundation.





The centre.Important word in Torah is “YARAH”

- meaning: shoot towards the goal, pointout, penetrating, throwing, creating a change and also it means flowing like rain.


Torah is the guiding truth given to us by Lord
father with His love. By Deuteronomy 31:12,13, we unde stood that Torah will teach us, make us to learn and direct us to live a God fearing life. Totally it’s the foundation of life. It doesn’t end here. though this was given to the people of
Israel during their journey it is the truth that this was given by God to the whole mankind.


Matt.5:17-20, here Jesus Christ describes about Torah, in these verses one of the four message is Torah, it never changes, never vanish and is for the present life; for preaching, its the honour for life and its main theme is Jesus Christ as the fulfillment. The four gospels and then the letters explains that how Jesus fulfilled all the decreesThe other 61 books are based on the Torah and its is in our bible.



Dear brothers and sisters, understand the importance of the first five books and add it on your daily meditation. Holy spirit will reveal it and made you to understand. Finally, let’s see the meanings of Torah (5 books).


Genesis - Beresihith (Beginning)

Exodus - Shemoth (Names)

Levities - Vayigra (called)

Numbers - Bamidhar (Desert)

Deutronomy - Devarim (word)


When we read it together, ‘In the beginning, Lord called the names in the Desert by word’. To make this as your possession, put your name on this blank and complete the sentence. In the beginning, Lord called ...............by name in the desert by His words.


Why desert ?


Only for the reason that you should not
depend on any other thing or else anyone.
He’s the living water for the thirsty,
living bread for the hungry and
the living way for our feet.


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