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THREE patriarch journeys
Monday, Mar 01, 2021

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Greetings to the Kerith friends,
As we are in the third month of the year and the number also indicates we are going to meditate the bible in the title of Journey’s of three forefathers. In that we are going to meditate on Abrham, Isshac and Jacob. We are also going to look at what the role of the wives of the three forefathers was for those celebrating Women’s Day. We want to learn the beginning, the middle, and the end of the journey of the forefathers before Christ. We hope that the purpose of their work will help us to learn more about the lives of women who have served, revived, and supported.
Our life is a journey. The people in the world view the life’s journey from the mother’s womb to the graveyard.  And there is a fact that says relations travel with us up to the house, wife till the street, children till to the grave, then who will be with us till the last?. But, in this dazzling world we continue to travel to the end by believing in Christ Jesus. Christ is the author and finisher of this journey of faith. The one who initiates the journey of our lives is not the one who leaves in the middle of the journey. May our lives journey continue to follow him until we see the eternal life which is promised to us at the end of this journey. We must continue to travel with Christ in all circumstances, no matter what the circumstances is whether death or suffering or misery. Having received eternal life, let Christ alone be the center of our life, and he guide us to carry out His will in our life.
Till the last Indian reaches the Calvary mount, we will continue to follow His commandments and principles without fail. Also, we will continue to follow the path without fail. To join many of us in this journey, we need to be obedient to the word he speaks, as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, laid down their life in his hands. There is no need to know the destination. . No need to know where to go. Because the one who tells you to go is the one who created the whole world.  Just we havev to submit ourselves to the lord by saying that we will do as you say, "we will walk in the direction as you show". We hope that this month's "Journey of the forefathers" will be helpful. Help your friends to read this month's magazine or pay 250 rupees a year to get this Kerith magazine. With a superior intent and high thinking, we will conquer the world and travel to the sublime. May the Lord help us to dedicate ourselves to the Word of God and lead us towards ways where there is no way. 

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