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Eight People and this world - 8 people, One family One Nation
Sunday, Aug 01, 2021

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Greetings to you in the name of the Creator and the Lord Jesus Christ
Who created the whole universe within six days and asked us to rule over it. Since this
month is the 8th month of the year we are meditating on a topic having some relevance to the
number 8. For example, 8 people and this world, or 8 people - one family, one nation. From
the inception of creation, the Lord who created this earth, created Adam and gave it him to make
use of it, take care of it and subdue it. The only thing that was denied to man was the fruit
of a single tree. The man who violated this command became the reason behind the fall of the
whole mankind as well as going away from the presence of the Lord. The Lord who abounds
more grace where sin abounds in order to redeem mankind looked for a single man. When the
whole world is immersed in sin, God intended to use this person to bring out a group of quality
people and through this people to replenish the earth. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord
in his generation. The Lord sent the whole family of Noah into the ark and closed the door.
Along with them God protected all kinds of animals, birds and other living creatures of the land
also inside the ark. Those 8 people who were inside the ark have now multiplied and filled the
whole earth. With this 8 people God filled the earth and through them God fulfilled His purpose.
Through this edition we are going to learn who are this 8 people and where are they settled.
Also it helps to put an end to the myth that this world has come into existence by itself as
well as the belief in the theory that man has come from monkey through evolution. What truth
the Bible says about the above mentioned things will be clear from this issue of Kerith we can
understand the truth . By realising this fact, we should tell this world with our lives the Gospel
about the Author of creation with great responsibility. He is calling us to implement in our
lives the purpose for which we are created by understanding His will. Even today the Creator
of this whole universe is looking for a single man and his family to obey His will and to fulfil
His purpose. When a particular individual and through him/her their family is being redeemed
they will become a blessing to the people around them. Dear young brother and sister who read
this, let us dedicate ourselves individually and collectively as a family like Noah’s family who
heard His voice and did His will. Let us be like light and salt in this world. May the Lord
help us for it. Amen.

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