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Sunday, Nov 01, 2020

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Readers of Kerith and dearly beloved in Christ, Greetings to you in the Name of Christ
who is the Head of the Church.
In this Eleventh month we are meditating on the topic "Church Stage". Church is not the
training center where we will be trained to know the will of God, Church is not a factory where
holy people are being produced. It's not a place for time passing. Blood of the Martyrs is the
seed of the Church. Church is not only a place of worshiping but also a place of molding many
people and a place of sending too. In such churches where we worship, we are not able to go
during the last six months, could not learn anything, could not worship and not able to send too.
But God has turned our houses to be churches where we pray and grow spiritually. In that case
God wants us to change the method in which we worship. Go the church building once in a
week and the rest of the week God wants us to make our house as the church and worship. God
calls us to keep on worshiping Him not only in the houses but in our work places too.
Likewise wherever we are we should be like mobile church of God. This is what Paul
wrote to the Corinthians, "you are the temple of God". Paul call us to be the mobile holy church
in all walks of life by revealing the holiness and fear of God just like we are worshiping in the
church building. Am I able to be like such a mobile church? Will I be able to achieve great
heights as God desires in His church? Is it possible through me to form a church? Dear youth
who is thinking of how to spread the fragrance of the church, it is possible for you.
The guidance and help of the Holy spirit will enable you in building the church of God.
The great work you start in the place where you are staying, where you are working will create
a great spiritual impact in many places. Jesus needs you as the basic requirement for this. He
is searching for a person like you.
If so what kind of preparation is needed in my life. How can I make myself ready for
this. We believe this month's Kerith will help you in this regard. Let us realize the deep meaning
of the church and may the Lord help us to live like the real lively mobile church Amen.

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