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Saturday, Jan 01, 2022

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Dear Kerith readers, we wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. Praise and thank the Lord for supporting us in overcoming our anxieties and problems and getting us thus far, and for His tremendous grace. God wants us to live for Him and obey His rules with the valuable life He has given us. Beginning this year, we will be focusing on the substance of how to be based in the fundamental truths of Christian ideals. This year's Kerith is being prepared with the goal of thoroughly understanding the underlying truths. The “Holy Bible” is the title of this month's Kerith, in which we are studying some of the fundamentals of Christian living. Only when we study are we able to achieve our goals. Only by properly studying God's word can we live in accordance with it (Ezra 7:10). Deep study of God's word will assist us in being upright in front of God. It will also assist us in being helpful vessels for the Lord (2 Tim 2:14-15). The study of God's Word is critical for understanding God's will
in our life. The major goal of studying God's word is not merely to gain Bible knowledge and become a Bible scholar, but to learn how to grow into the likeness of Christ as children of God (Rom 8:28, 29). We will be transformed into Christlikeness through studying and using God's Word in our lives. The Holy Bible is the source of Christian living's fundamental principles. This month, we delivered a vital message. Because all basic facts are based on the
Holy Bible, we have assembled all of the important themes (Contents) regarding the Bible this month. Read this book attentively and tell your friends about it. Take additional time in your prayer groups to dwell on God's Word. Let us grow into Christlikeness by spending more time with God and His Word, so that when others see us, they must see Christ in us. Let us shine brightly like the stars who guide countless people to the path of justice. May the Lord bless and keep us as we strive to be Ebenezer this year. Amen.

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