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Tuesday, Feb 01, 2022

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Dear readers of Kerith.
Loving greetings to all.
The youth in this 20th Century, seem to be not very strong in three areas. 1. Firm Faith; 2.Commitment in Life; 3. Zeal in ministry. The reason is mainly because- failing to live like Jesus, failing to read the Bible, forgetting the basic principles in Christian living. As people identify themselves as Christian by birth, Christian for workforce, Christian for marriage and Christian for cemetery purposes, this year the Kerith magazine is bringing out 16  basic Christian principles to be presented in the 12 issues so that we can apply in our minds to live like Christ in the coming days. 1. The Holy Bible, 2. The Lord, 3. Angels, 4. Redemption of Mankind, 5. Sin, 6. Salvation of Mankind, 7. Baptism, 8. Holy Communion, 9. Promises, 10. The gathering of Holy people, 11. Church,12 Preaching the Gospel, 13. Divine Healing, 14. Rapture of the church, 15. Lake of fire, 16. New heaven, new earth. Last month we just learnt about the first principle of Bible. In the second month we are aspiring to learn about our lord  God and the theology of Trinity and angels from the Basic Christian truths. We all need to know about the basic Christian truths. When we go through the 12 months issues of Kerith, we will be equipped with certain truths and get rooted in that when questioned by others instead of revealing our ignorance. Prayerfully we prepare these issues to find answers to the questions we generally ask. So kindly remember us in your prayers. Read prayerfully finding the basic biblical principles, and to get rooted in it, in order to live a life as a true Christian. Let us be blessed with a life reflecting the image of Christ Jesus. We encourage you to read this and introduce the same to your friends also.

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