Prayer Cell

Prayer Cell
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Prayer is the basic reason for this celebration of 40 years of Youth Wing. It is the axle of FMPB; Youth and Teens Wing's significant success. In this modern world of growing science and internet, the present day youth are not only achievers but also have strong desire like Paul. They are not the ones who forget their decisions but execute them. The prayer of such youth brings great change in the nation.

These youth are Praying for missionaries who spread the gospel at workplace once a week. What wonder these youth spend their time humbly at the feet of our Lord amidst their fellow youth who waste theirs over movies and chats? It’s spreading from Tamil youth to Karnataka, Mumbai, Jharkhand and other states. The Lord, who does not put aside humble beginnings, has blessed us with 1500 functioning teen, youth groups so far. The prayer newsletter "Kerith" meets them ever month and inspires them. In Jharkhand the second generation youth have started praying for themselves. The Lord has caused great revelation among Christian youth. They are not just praying but meeting fellow youth through pamphlets apart from checking out the north Indian work places in person. It is not just with their emotions but their talents, life and knowledge for God only. Many youth head their district responsibilities and start up new prayer groups from their position. Many others are helping our hostel students and missionaries with their savings.

The prayers of these youth are the roots of this mission and nation. We are working upon bringing up 3000 such youth prayer groups across the nation by 2020. Your enthusiastic prayer is our immediate need for the creation of "One Youth Prayer Group per Day"

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