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Thursday, Feb 01, 2018

This world itself is working with  the word love in its centre.  This same love, four word weapon in the centre of the bible too.  Every man loving in this earth also runs searching and longing for love.   Understands this Satan feast the world by damaging the beautiful word love, in the slope form of lust.  Other form of if include cinema movies, Homo Sexuality, Prostitution, debauchery etc. Without reality this world’s people are cheated by accepts these above mentioned as a feast and atlast lose their lives. Valentine’s day and its celebrations are  also one of them.
But the bible only says a another love against this.  It is a love that expects nothing.  That is fulfilled in the cross.   Love not only in words but a love fulfilled in action thats Jesus  love.  This love has limits strong  breath, height an uncomparable love that can’t be measured.  As a symbol of this love giving himself our god became a new meaning for this limitless love.  For expressing that love in Golgatha a place of skull he gave his life.  He did not do this while we were good, but when we were sinners he gave his life for us.  This lent days the love we got from Christ Jesus.  

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