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Ilam Inthiyar Yaar
Thursday, Aug 01, 2019

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August  12th is celebrated as International Youth Day. Out of the total population of India,  41% is below 25 years old. In the election conducted in 2019, 4.5 of crores youths used their voting rights for the first time. As we are celebrating the Youths’ Day worldwide we should pray for all the youngsters.   India ranks top in the number of students going abroad for higher studies. In which rate youths are growing in studies and economic status, they are growing at a higher rate in social evils and sins, is a factor which is shocking to us. When India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day we should pray that the youths of India should get real freedom, spiritual freedom. Let the victory flag fly in the hearts of the youth who are in the clutches of sins and immersed in all wickedness. Dear friends who are enjoying the freedom in Christ, will you spend your time and talents for the redemption of those who are suffering under the clutches of the devil. The only way to lead a life of liberty is to become a slave to God throughout your life. The only way to get rid of the sinful reign is to surrender fully to the reign of Christ. Salvation is not only that Jesus forgave our sins but He is the Lord of our lives (our thoughts, words, and deeds) Let us commit ourselves and our country under the lordship of Christ to rule over us fully. 
Let India shine by the light of Jesus. To fulfill the dream of those who want to build a Better India, with a mighty brotherhood be achieved by the vibrant youths of the church.    

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