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Sunday, Apr 01, 2018

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There is a song which says, “Our heavenly father has commanded us to shine for Him 
in this world who has a burden for it and work for it? Who will help?  
We just sings these as songs and forget about the burden.  This man of God to head for the perishing souls.  It is not enough if we know that the Lord Jesus Himself came as a light into this world and lives that He shines forth on everyone and that He is the way and truth in but instead according to Dan.12:3, “And they that because shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever”.  We are expected to lead all those that grope in darkness towards the light.  Let each of us commit ourselves to let Jesus make us that light which lightens up the way of the lost.  This month issue of kerith will enable you to commit your life as a light to this world.  Let’s lift up Jesus high and Let us show His light ( as we live according to the Bible as a witness) to this world. 

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