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Thursday, Mar 01, 2018

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In this world everyone has an account to settle to one another. In corporate company the workers work on a shift basis. A basic worker is accountable to the Team leader and the team leader in turn is accountable to the manager and the manager to his authorities and they to the Government. In the schools & Colleges the students are accountable to their teacher / Professors. We need to be accountable to each other so that there will be good result in our work and also there will be no hindrance in the work. So the accountability makes us responsible to one another .As Christians who follows the footsteps of Jesus Christ, it is more essential for us to be accountable to God (Heb.4.13).This month’s Issue of Kerith is about being accountable to God and People. This Issue will give you the clear cut Idea about the areas in which we need to be accountable and how we can be accountable in this world. We pray that this magazine might help you to settle accounts with God and People. Keep reading it.

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