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Sunday, Jul 01, 2018

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During the past years the Scripture was with very few people and the others would go in secret and read from them. Gone are the days when we will be punished for owning or reading a bible. Because when people read they raised up questions and also they questioned the pastors and Bishops who had been cheating on the church goers by swindling money from them. So they made people believe that the Bible is Holy and that it should not be touched. But people like Martin Luther read the Bible in secrecy, learnt the truth and propagated it to the common people. The power and the greatness of the Bible began to spread. But today how many young   
   people possess costly bibles but has no intention to read it? This month’s issue will  
                   help you read the Word of God which is costlier than the pearls and sweeter      
                                                 than the honey and to shed light on this darkened world.

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