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Friday, Dec 01, 2017

 Things like Android, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Google became very important things in everybody’s hands. It is surprised that all these have been just started 10 years back but got penetrated even in remote villages. It is a very sad truth that still many people have not even heard of our Lord Jesus’ name whereas all these technology have grown rapidly like lighting from the advent of 2G to 4G and even 5G now. We praise God for the missionaries who were sent to preach gospel for the unknown. Please don’t forget to pray for those, who give Christ as gift to the unknown, during this celebration. We would not have had this privilege of knowing the true God Jesus Christ if it was not preached by the foreign missionaries to us. And we would have not got these celebration and Christ as our gifts. So let us start thinking about giving Christ as gift to others. Let us present the everlasting gift, our God and HIS love to others rather than the perishable gifts. During this Christmas season let us understand the meaning of true Christmas and think about how to make this celebration great and meaningful. And also let us make our King Jesus Christ to be born in many people houses and their hearts. May we start the celebration with Christ and make sure that we don’t forget the Christ centred Christmas. He is the real meaning of this celebration. So we will make HIS name be glorified. (Don’t miss the Christ in the Christmas season). We pray that the Lord Jesus, who was in heaven and came down to rescue us from evil, to come to you and your family to give the happiness and peace which no one can give or take away in this world. We wish that this this Christmas season may be a happiest moment for you and your family!’

Yours in His Mission,

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