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Saturday, Sep 01, 2018

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This happened during a train travel.  A man came into hurridly into the coach S8 of a train with a ticket in his hands.  As he approached his seat no 
The writer of this month’s message is Pr.Begin Samuel.  He is Serving the lord as a pastor in Praise & worship center at Thisaiyanvilai and he is also the Director for children ministry in AG church.Kindly let’s uphold his family and ministry in our prayers.
11 he found another gentleman fast asleep in his seat.  Finding another man sleeping in his seat this man did not want to disturb him.  So he headed  towards a place near the rest room and he sat  on the floor.  When the TTE had come to check the tickets he was surprised to see this man with a confirm ticket seated near the rest room.  When he was enquired he said that he did not want to disturb the man who was fast asleep in his seat.  What do you think the TTE asked that man? He asked him are you a Christian? Later the TTE also wanted to accept Jesus from this selfless man.  Therefore everyone born as a Christian are called to show Christ through our lives Gandhi once said that/ he loves Christ but not the Christians.  He also said that a rose does not have to keep telling everyone that it is a rose.  Just by its appearance and the fragrance we can say that it is a rose.  In the same way if each Christian show it out Christ through our lives then we don’t need the evangelism.  We will not need the mission organizations or the missionaries.  So God calls us to be His witnesses.  We need to exhibit Christ through our speech. , walk,  attitude and habits.  
So this month’s Kerith is inviting each and every one of us to “Live like Christ”.  Psalm 19:1 says “The heavens declare the glory of God all God’s creation never ceases to witness for Him.  He transform His children and then He uses them to be His witnesses.  We read in Isaiah 44:8/ “You are my witnesses”.  We need to be the witnesses for His birth, death and His resurrection.  So friends who are reading this, Instead of witnessing through our sermons/ Let our life be a witness to Him.  This month’s issue will enable you to accept the image of Christ in you and to follow Him and His attributes

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