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Friday, Apr 01, 2022

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Dear readers of Kerith. 
Loving greetings to all.
Our life is defined by the decisions we make between our birth and death while on this planet. Between Birth (B) and Death (D), there is a choice (C) Our lives will be the best if we make our decisions (C) based on God's will. The devil, on the other hand, seeks to keep you from obeying God's will by diverting you with his schemes. This is referred to as "sin," which literally means "missing the mark." If we are not very careful with our lives, we will undoubtedly miss the mark. We may easily overcome the evil plot of this world and Satan if we join hands with Jesus when making our decisions.Our goal should be to spend time in the presence of the Lord every day, learning from Him about His will for our lives and obeying it by submitting to it. We will never notice that we have strayed from His presence and missed the mark if we fail to do so. As a result, under the theme 16 Basic Biblical Truths, we will be meditating on the topic of Sin and Salvation. We'll talk about what sin is, what kinds of sin there are, what the consequences of sin are, and what we can do to overcome sin so that we can live a life without missing the target. We'll also talk about what salvation is and how a saved person should live. This month's issue of Kerith, we believe, will assist you in evaluating our lives as born again Christians. Once you've benefited from this kerith, make sure to tell your friends and family about it. You can urge your friends to subscribe for this magazine so that they can read and obey God's word as well. May the good Lord assist us in understanding and avoiding the devastating sin and its consequences 

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