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Wednesday, Nov 01, 2017

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“Health is Wealth” is a proverb to which each of us try and wish to live up to.  We get to hear about number of new diseases in recent past years.  This gives a scare in our lives.  During the past month Dengue had claimed many lives in Tamilnadu.  The saddest part is that, still there is no medicines to these disease.  We are called to pray for this specially.  All these reminds us that we stand at the end times.  How many of you stand with me for the statement “many diseases are a result of our infirmities.  Though not all diseases, some are the results of our transgressions. 
 Is there something called spiritual sickness? Let’s see some verse which says that there is surely a link between sin and sickness.  Sin, sickness and curses came into the world as the result of the first couple on earth.  We see that in the New Testament Mat.5:15/16.  Also James 5:15 says the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well... they will be forgiven John 5:14, 15- Now you are healed, so stop sinning.   So our sin is one of the reasons for our sickness. 
In the same way our soul too gets infected and become spiritually sick.  The best doctor who can heal his diseases soul can be none but our Lord Jesus Christ.  We have the best medicine which is our bible.  He diagnoses with this and he treats both our body and soul.  In this issue we have compared the spiritual sickness to our physical sickness.  
The will enable us to treat our spiritual sickness.  We have prepared this magazine with the help of some God fearing doctors and specialists.  We welcome you to read this issue of magazine and analyze your spiritual sickness that you are struggling with, and with the help of our heavenly doctor get it healed and to lead a healthy spiritual life.  We pray and wish that you lead a spiritually healthy and witnessing life. 

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