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Five Sacrifices
Saturday, May 01, 2021

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The Lord who created all of nature and the world
in six days and found them good; desired to bring
man closer back to Him when He fell into sin.
He desires above all that man to live a holy life
and He has become a propitiation for our sins.
God has offered sacrifices that we may live lives
pleasing to Him and to express His love God
sent His only son as a sacrifice and revealed His
purpose. We are now in the fifth month and we
will be meditating the five sacrifices and how
it reflects Christ as mentioned in the Bible. We
will meditate on the purpose of the sacrifices, the
symbol that sacrifice means, and how we receive
holiness through those sacrifices and we may
learn to live like Jesus. Without knowing these
five sacrifices we might not be able to worship
the Lord in fullness.
Keeping this in mind we will meditate the title
in five parts. We will learn how we can see God.
We are called to rise from sin and live pure lives
which have wrought us by the sacrifice of Christ
and away from sin, curses, and illnesses. There
are still many who travel to forests and mountains
hoping to find salvation when our Saviour Jesus
Christ has died for us once and for all. We
need not offer sacrifices and we are saved
by grace and let us also endeavor to bring
the good news to all. During these difficult
COVID times, what are we going to do to
bring the good news to all and work for
Jesus? Let us proclaim the redeemer Christ
to all. Let us think, let us act!

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