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Tuesday, Mar 01, 2022

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Dear Kerith friends in Christ, I wish you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
The answers to all our questions like who am I? why am I created ? what is the purpose of my life? why do I alone face so many troubles in my life? Can be found in our Holy Bible. let's see what the scripture tells about the questions that has been bugging our thoughts from this third month's issue of Kerith in the series "Basic Christian Biblical truth" ‐ Who is Man? What is God's purpose for his life? Why he fell? Etc. Genesis 1:26 - 31 clearly says, why man was created. As the world says, man did not evolve from the ancient ape or any other animal. The Bible clearly says that God made man from the dust. He breathed his breath into to the man's nostrils and man became a living being. All other creatures of the world were created
by the words that came from the mouth of God. But God "MADE" man with his own hands. And the scripture says that man was made in the image and likeness of God. Only the the physical body is made out of dust but the spirit is breath of God. We read in Eph 4: 22 - 24 an Col 3:10 that a man's spirit and soul are in the likeness of it's Creator. The man who was created in the image of God fell. He fell in sin of disobedience by eating the the forbidden fruit. The fallen man cannot save himself. He could not return to God all by himself. Therefore in Genesis 3:15 we
read that, God when He spoke to the Serpent in the garden of Eden said "And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” This was a Prophecy about the coming of Jesus Christ into this world and about His death on the cross to lift and save the fallen humanity. By the resurrection of Jesus Christ He crushed the head of the Evil one through his precious blood that was shed on the earth for the salvation of the fallen human beings. When we say "man" it means both the male and female. Then you may ask what about the third gender that we come across in our day today life? They are also made by God. But they are like some who are created with few disablities in their body like a crippled person or a blind person. So the third gender friends are also born with such kind of disabilities. We have no answer for the question like why God created them like this? Because the secret things belongs to our Lord our God. But the truth that we must believe is that God created male and female only. That is the basic Christian Biblical truth. God made man and He made a partner for him a woman. God made Adam and Eve and He did not make Adam and another man. There is a saying which goes like this "God created Adam and Eve he did not create Adam and Steve". The world that we live in today and supports the marriage between a man with man and woman with woman. This is an abomination at the sight of God and this is against the basic Bible truth. It is an evil thing at the sight of God. God clearly showed His plan about marriage in the beginning of the world itself.
Therefore it is the duty of man to be very careful about marriage. Lets meditate on the secret of the creation of Man and how miserably he fell and the lessons that we can learn from it in this month's issue of Kerith. Kindly pass this magazine to your friends and relatives too.God calls us to know the purpose of us on this earth and to do His will in this changeing world also to live as holy generation.

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